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Next Chapter: Where Growth Meets Well-being

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Where Growth Meets Well-Being

I'm Nancy Beacham. As a coach and HR leader, I have spent many years empowering and enabling people to be at their best for work and life. When I discovered and trained with Positive Intelligence (PQ) in 2022, I saw the clear benefits to me personally and to the mental fitness clients I initially worked with; it was unmistakable.

Now my primary focus for coaching and facilitation is centered on Positive Intelligence (PQ) Mental Fitness training and coaching.

Welcome to Next Chapter!

At Next Chapter, we’re not just about lofty theories or abstract concepts. We’re all about rolling up our sleeves and diving headfirst into the nitty-gritty of personal and professional growth. 🌱

Why Next Chapter?

  • Real-Life Strategies: We’re here to provide you with practical, actionable techniques that you can apply immediately. Whether you’re navigating a career change or simply trying to find improve performance, relationships or life in general, we are the right partners.
  • Mental Fitness, Unplugged: Mental fitness isn’t just for the yogis and meditation gurus. It’s for everyday warriors like you and me. Our mission? To make mental fitness as commonplace as your morning coffee. ☕
  • Challenges? Bring 'Em On!: Life throws curveballs, and we’re here to help you swing for the fences. Our hands-on tools are designed to tackle those pesky saboteurs that lurk in the shadows—those little voices that say, “You can’t do it.” Spoiler alert: You totally can! 🌟

The Transformative Magic of Mental Fitness

  • Stress Reduction: Ever feel like stress is your constant companion? We’ve got strategies to kick it to the curb. Imagine a life where stress takes a backseat, and you’re cruising down the highway of calmness. 🚗
  • Remarkable Success: Success isn’t just about corner offices and stock options. It’s about feeling fulfilled, achieving your goals, and high-fiving yourself along the way. Let’s redefine success together. 🎉
  • Balance and Resilience: Life’s a tightrope walk. We’ll teach you how to balance work, play, and everything in between. Plus, we’ll throw in a dash of resilience—because setbacks are just plot twists in your epic story. 📖

So, please join us on this adventure. Let’s rewrite your Next Chapter—one practical step at a time!

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From Our Clients

Client Feedback
Citrix Client

Nancy has high impact with a subtle touch; our team dynamics on the leadership team have improved markedly as a result.

Aug 16, 2023
Microsoft Coaching Client

After talking to Nancy, I feel lighter, and ready to move forward with confident action. I strongly recommend Next Chapter for coaching services!

Aug 16, 2023
Mental Fitness Client/Executive Coach

In our times, who wouldn't benefit from increasing their mental fitness? Don't do this alone, hire Nancy Beacham. With decades of experience in HR, Nancy not only models what she teaches, she helps you navigate working out at the gym of mental fitness with clarity, pragmatic frameworks and tools, and with courage and grace.

Aug 16, 2023


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